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Mission and Ambition

Schiphol Group's mission is to connect the Netherlands with all of the world's major cities and economic, political and cultural centres.

Together with our partners, we aim to continue to develop Amsterdam Airport Schiphol as an efficient and sustainable multi-modal hub where passengers from all corners of the globe feel welcome in a dynamic and inspirational environment.

Ambition: Europe’s Preferred Airport

Schiphol Group has developed Amsterdam Airport Schiphol into Europe's Preferred Airport in concert with its partners. We are proud that passengers rate Schiphol highly time and again and that they choose the airport as their preferred point of departure or transfer. We maintain and further strengthen our prominent position in Europe. Schiphol aims to offer smooth processes and excellent facilities and to ensure, to the best of its ability, that passengers have a pleasant journey. Our goal is that passengers choose to travel via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Achieving this goal requires a clear strategy and close collaboration with our partners and stakeholders.