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10. Share of results of associates

‘Share of results of associates’ presents the share of the results of non-consolidated associates, including Aéroports de Paris S.A. (ADP) and Brisbane Airport Corporation Holdings Ltd (BACH).

The share of results of associates for 2013 included a contribution of 28.4 million euros from BACH (2012: 11.2 million euros). The result was positively affected in 2013 by movements of 17.3 million euros in BACH’s derivatives portfolio caused chiefly by derivative positions taken in connection with an expected extension involving an additional runway. There are no early settlement or early payment obligations for these derivatives.

ADP’s contribution to Schiphol Group’s financial result for 2013 was an income of 21.7 million euros (income of 34.8 million euros in 2012), including adjustments in connection with differences in the accounting policies mainly relating to investment property.