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Management Board Remuneration for 2013

As mentioned above, the fixed income components for the Management Board members remained the same in 2013. Even though Schiphol granted its employees a moderate pay rise, the Management Board decided not to raise its own members' salaries.

As regards their short-term variable income (STI), Management Board members (with the exception of the CFO) qualify for an STI swing factor of 1.25. The CFO qualifies for a swing factor of 1.15 based on the policy that applies to her. The Supervisory Board has ascertained, advised by the Remuneration Committee, that the Management Board largely achieved the collective, non-financial operational and socio-economic targets for 2013 as included in the 2013 Management Agenda. In this context, the Supervisory Board points out that 2013 was a good year in terms of results, cost control and the relationship with stakeholders. According to the Supervisory Board this is a great achievement in light of the market conditions that prevailed.

The Supervisory Board is positive about the overall performance of the members of the Management Board, bearing in mind that the Management Board made a very considerable effort in 2013 to achieve the strategic objectives, and that good financial results were recorded. The table below presents the total recorded performance for each Management Board member.

 (in %)


Total of STI

Jos Nijhuis



Ad Rutten



Maarten de Groof



Els de Groot



The Supervisory Board, advised by the Remuneration Committee, has set the swing factor for the long-term remuneration of Messrs Nijhuis, Rutten and De Groof over the period 2011-2013 at 1.5. Since Ms De Groot has not yet completed a full reference period, no payment of LTI will be effected as yet.

More detailed information on the remuneration of the Management Board for 2013 can be found on pages 214-217 of this annual report.