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Shareholder information

Share capital

The authorised capital of N.V. Luchthaven Schiphol currently amounts to 143 million euros, divided into 300,000 A shares and 14,892 B shares, each with a nominal value of 454 euros. In total, 171,255 of the A shares and 14,892 of the B shares have been issued. The B shares are a special class of shares which have been issued to Aéroports de Paris S.A. and together represent 8% of the overall outstanding share capital. There have not been any changes in the authorised capital or number of shares issued since 31 December 2008.


The proposed dividend is 135 million euros, which is equivalent to 727 euros per share.

Credit rating

Schiphol Group maintains contractual agreements with Standard & Poor’s Rating Services (S&P) and Moody’s Investor Services (Moody’s) regarding the provision of rating information. Schiphol Group maintains an active dialogue with both rating information providers. In 2013, Standard & Poor’s long-term rating was increased from A to A+ with a stable outlook, due to an adjustment of the rating method. Moody’s long-term rating of A1 with a negative outlook remained unchanged. The negative outlook assigned by Moody’s is the lingering result of a negative outlook assigned for the Dutch State, which has been in place since August 2012. The short-term ratings are P-1 (Standard & Poor’s) and A-1 (Moody’s).

Financial calendar:

General Meeting of Shareholders

16 April 2014

Publication of interim results

29 August 2014

Further information can be obtained from Investor Relations:

Telephone: +31 (0)20 601 2570



Schiphol Group shareholders

State of the Netherlands


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Municipality of Amsterdam


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Aéroports de Paris S.A.


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