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Competitive Marketplace

For many companies, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is an attractive location to work, visit and set up a business. The occupancy levels of offices and logistics facilities at Schiphol compare favourably with the rest of the market. However, rental prices are under pressure across the board. Schiphol is a prominent participant in several joint initiatives in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. Schiphol aims to be and remain Europe’s Preferred Airport also for cargo. Furthermore, we endeavour to keep the region around the airport attractive for working, living and recreation.

Aviation makes an important contribution to the Dutch economy and provides many jobs, both directly and indirectly. At the Schiphol location, around 65,000 people work for some 500 companies. Mainport Schiphol is an essential element in efforts to enhance the appeal of the Randstad area and the Amsterdam region in particular as a location for international companies and institutes, with Schiphol Group's real estate activities playing a significant role.

Schiphol must be able to respond quickly and effectively to changing conditions in the real estate market. Supply and demand can fluctuate significantly, especially in economically difficult times. The wishes of tenants are always changing as well. Schiphol responds to this by offering new services and developing new facilities and new buildings that are in keeping with the times. If we fail to invest in quality and capacity, this may erode the Mainport's competitive position in the long term.

Offering added value is therefore key for Schiphol Real Estate. We can strengthen our market profile through factors such as flexibility, good accessibility, a positive experience and value for money. This is essential. If the occupancy level of our real estate comes under pressure, this will push down rental prices and cause a general decrease in the value of the buildings.

Our policy is focused on being and remaining a top-class location. And that is not just a matter of supply and demand, but also of public reputation, taking responsibility and cooperating with our partners and the local community.