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During the renovation

Limiting inconvenience

In the coming years, Schiphol Group is facing an additional challenge: we want passengers, visitors and other users of the airport to experience as little inconvenience as possible from the extensive renovations being carried out. We must streamline the work as much as possible and closely monitor the effects. Where required, we will take additional measures to reduce any inconvenience.

In Departure Hall 1, in the heart of the passenger process, work was started on the expansion and renovation of the security filter. This involves partial renovation of Lounge 1.

The building work will mean that some gates and aircraft stands will be temporarily withdrawn from service in the coming years. At the same time, the expected growth in air traffic will require additional ground handling capacity, which will increase the pressure on existing aircraft stands. We will make greater use of open aprons for parking stands not connected to a pier or gate.

In 2014, a relatively simple apron area for five wide-body aircraft will be built in the north-west sector (to the east of Runway 18C - 36C). This apron will serve only as an aircraft parking stand. In this way, the same number of aircraft stands in the central area can be used for handling purposes. During a later phase, the new apron can be equipped with de-icing facilities.