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Management Agenda 2013

A constructive relationship with key stakeholders, based on mutual trust, is crucial for the development of a joint Mainport vision. The same applies to our Master Plan. Much progress has been made in both areas, for which we are grateful to our stakeholders.

We have managed to strengthen certain aspects of our international position. Unfortunately, the bid for the airport at Rio de Janeiro, which we prepared as part of a consortium, was unsuccessful. We have increased our operating results from retail and property. With regard to the development of a 'lean' organisation and increasing efficiency, further steps can be made.

Management Agenda 2013

Top Connectivity

Visit Value

Competitive Marketplace

Sustainable Performance

Foster the development of the Mainport by working on a joint vision with stakeholders

Complete the Master Plan and start construction of the first phase of the South Terminal and the first phase of Pier A

Build a long-term relationship based on mutual trust with the key stakeholders

Complete, where possible on schedule and within budget, the five largest investment projects with minimum disruption to operations and with specific attention for Corporate Responsibility

Actively endeavour to achieve acceptable results in the evaluation of the Aviation Act

Ensure a sufficient level of liquidity for the enterprise and access to financing

Consolidate international operations and, where possible, further strengthen our international position

Further integrate and embed Corporate Responsibility in the business

Increase the operating result through further roll-out of the Retail Vision 2020 and maintain the market position of the Real Estate business area

Develop a 'lean' organisation

Improve efficiency in the organisation by reducing bureaucracy

Target met (100%)

Target largely but not entirely met

Target met only to a limited extent