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Sustainable Performance

Schiphol Group stands for the creation of sustainable value. We consciously balance the interests of people, planet and profit. For us at Schiphol, how we achieve our business goals is as important as achieving them. Corporate Responsibility means conducting your business with respect for people, the community and the environment.

For Schiphol Group, a leading organisation with a strong sense of social awareness, Corporate Responsibility is about making our own choices for the future of the business, our surroundings and society as a whole. These choices are focused around five socio-economic themes: climate-friendly aviation, accessibility and air quality, commodity shortages, sustainable employment and noise and the local community. In 2013 we started formulating specific targets for 2020, which will be finalised in 2014. Sometimes we are able to achieve targets on our own, while at other times we need to involve other companies or partners.

One of the strategic objectives is to ensure a careful balance between people, planet and profit. To that end, Corporate Responsibility must become an increasingly familiar factor in the business planning process. In approving investments, we weigh up the interests of people, planet and profit. Awareness is key: our aim is for all our employees to consider the effects of what they do on the environment or their immediate surroundings. With this aim in mind, among other initiatives we trained six new CR ambassadors in 2013.

In our day-to-day business operations we are aware of the effects of our actions. The safety of passengers, visitors and employees in our grounds is of paramount importance. Now that large-scale renovation work is being carried out, special consideration is given to health and safety in the workplace.