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Consultation with stakeholders

Schiphol has a large number of socio-economic stakeholders who often have diverging interests. These include travellers, airlines, local residents, public authorities, financial stakeholders, employees, business partners and sector partners. We maintain regular contacts with our stakeholders at several levels and on a wide range of subjects.

The Corporate Development department is responsible for stakeholder management. Under the chairmanship of Corporate Development, those departments which are in frequent contact with stakeholders on the strategic and tactical level meet every two weeks. During these meetings, subjects are discussed from a multidisciplinary perspective and the wishes and queries of the parties involved are identified and grouped. Our stakeholder policy is a standard agenda item at meetings of the Public Affairs & Corporate Responsibility Subcommittee of the Supervisory Board. We organise stakeholder dialogues around our five socio-economic themes. In 2013 the focus was on sustainable employment and commodity shortages. We ask our stakeholders for feedback on how they would like us to approach these subjects.

Our activities are closely related to those of airlines and other partners in the chain. We consult with them on a ongoing basis about our business operations. On these occasions, we also talk about changes in laws and regulations, large-scale investments and renovations.

Through regular contacts and dialogue we keep abreast of our stakeholders' concerns. Consultations are also an opportunity for us to inform our stakeholders of the latest developments at Schiphol. We know that stakeholders obtain most of their information on our strategy and targets from direct contacts. In addition, we have other means of communication which we can use depending on the subject and the target group. The target groups of the annual report are, principally, our shareholders, financiers, policy-makers and regulators. The report provides an up-to-date picture of current projects and important developments, which information may also be useful for other stakeholders and for current and future employees or suppliers.

With respect to the 2013 Annual Report, we interviewed various stakeholders about the subjects discussed. The feedback is positive: the interviewees feel that the annual report covers all subjects and that the information offered is relevant and detailed. The only point for improvement is that we could present a more integrated vision of the company's policy and of the developments in the coming years.

All these contacts have produced a materiality matrix. The focus of the annual report is on the subjects which both we and our stakeholders consider important. The ovals emphatically show that there is no difference in the degree of importance that we and our stakeholders attach to these subjects. We intend to have the materiality matrix assessed by our stakeholders in 2014. For each material theme, the table lists our management focus and the partnerships with our stakeholders in the relevant fields.

Material theme

Control factor

Partnership 1

Results in 1

Destinations network

Number of direct destinations for passengers and cargo

Shared Vision


Account interviews

Top Connectivity

Competitive position

Percentage of passenger market share

Percentage of cargo market share

Percentage of departing passengers
rating Schiphol 'good' or 'excellent'

Percentage of arriving passengers
rating Schiphol 'good' or 'excellent'

Percentage of passengers rating
the price-quality ratio of airside retail outlets 'good' or 'excellent'

IR rate

Costs per WLU


Account interviews

Concessionaire consultations

Top Connectivity

Excellent Visit Value

Economic impact

Number of persons working at the Schiphol location

Number of businesses based at the Schiphol location

Real estate occupancy rate

Net result

Tenant consultations

Amsterdam Economic Board

Amsterdam Connecting Trade
Amsterdam Region Business Association (ORAM)
Schiphol Governance Forum

Mainport Amsterdam Schiphol
Haarlemmermeer Structural Concept (SMASH)

Schiphol Area Development Company (SADC)

General Meeting of Shareholders

Top Connectivity

Excellent Visit Value

Competitive Marketplace

Sustainable Performance

Noise and the local community

Number of enforcement point breaches

Execution of Alders Platform covenants

Alders Platform

Schiphol Regional Consultative Committee

Local Community Contact Centre (Bas)

Schiphol Quality of Life Foundation

The Stichting Mainport en Groen landscaping project

Knowledge and Development Center (KDC)

Noise and the local community

Climate-friendly aviation

CO2 emissions of own activities

CO2 emissions reduction

Energy efficiency

EPBD labels for existing buildings


Kennis voor Klimaat

Airport Carbon Accreditation Scheme

Climate KIC

Innovative Mainport Alliance (SIM)

Knowledge and Development Center (KDC)

Biofuels of the future

Climate and the environment

Accessibility and air quality

O&D passengers' choice of transport

Aircraft stands modified during the year for FEGP and PCA


Collaboration programme with Dutch Rail,
Prorail and the ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Innovative Mainport Alliance (SIM)

Fuel mix of the future


Hydrogen economy in the Amsterdam region


Climate and the environment

Commodity shortages

Percentage of recycled regular waste

Oxygen content of surface water

Drinking water consumption at the terminal per passenger


Innovative Mainport Alliance (SIM)

Climate and the environment

Sustainable employment

KPIs of Schiphol Aviation College

Percentage of female SNBV executives

Employee engagement

Sickness absence rate

Schiphol Aviation College

Trade unions
Contractors' Job Health and Safety Platform
Health & Safety consultations

Sustainable employment


Number of bird strikes per 10,000 air transport movements

Number of runway incursions

Execution of integral fire safety tests

Number of work-related accidents leading to absenteeism

Schiphol Safety Platform

Runway Safety Team
Netherlands Control Group for Bird Strikes

Schiphol Security and Public Safety Platform


  • This overview is not exhaustive