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Schiphol Group strives to continually improve the quality of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol's multimodal transport hub. We work with KLM and other airlines to further bolster our global network of connections. When it comes to accessibility by car and public transportation, Schiphol ranks amongst Europe's leading airports; we cooperate with regional authorities and local stakeholders to further improve infrastructural quality.

Shared Vision: Essential elements of the Mainport

As the Shared Vision Commission debates on future airport development demonstrated, constructive dialogue between all parties involved can lead to further efforts to strengthen the Mainport.

Schiphol has underscored the common interests shared by both airport and hub carrier in the Essential elements of the Mainport memorandum. Optimal cooperation between these parties, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) and the government will be crucial to the success of the Mainport and the Dutch economy.

In this memorandum, the parties concur that the Mainport is comprised of three interrelated elements:

  1. A strong KLM/SkyTeam network as the Mainport driver.
  2. A competitive airport, whereby Schiphol serves as an attractive and efficient hub airport for both passengers and cargo, a departure and arrival airport and a multimodal transport hub.
  3. A competitive region which is attractive for residents, employees and tourists, and an international business climate that helps the Netherlands attract new businesses.

The Shared Vision Commission has contributed to a constructive dialogue that will further Schiphol's continuity, quality and network development, ensuring that the airport remains a vital link in the Dutch economy.