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Economic recovery drives increase in cargo transport

Global cargo transport showed signs of recovery over the course of 2013, a development also reflected at Schiphol. Cargo transport took a positive turn, especially from August onwards. Cargo volumes increased by 3.2% (2012: -2.6%) reaching a total volume of 1.5 million tonnes.

The amount of transport with full freighter aircraft, carrying only cargo, increased by 5.9% (2012: -0.9%), from 874,700 tonnes in 2012 to 926,000 tonnes in 2013. The volume of cargo transported on combined passenger and cargo flights dropped by 0.6% in 2013 (2012: -5.1%), from 608,800 tonnes to 605,000 tonnes.

Developments per continent

Cargo transport to and from Asia showed the most significant growth in absolute terms, from 561,000 tonnes to 601,000 tonnes. This represents a 7.2% increase, compared with a 7.9% decline in 2012. Amongst other factors, this increase can be attributed to growing European demand for Asian goods. Transport volumes to and from North America, the second largest cargo region, dropped by 2.4% from 261,000 tonnes to 255,000 tonnes. This decline is significantly smaller in comparison with 2012 (-7.9%). Cargo transport to Central and South America also declined, with volumes decreasing by 1.4% to a total of 171,000 tonnes. Cargo volumes to and from Africa dropped by 4.7% to a total of 169,000 tonnes. Cargo volumes to and from the Middle East saw the most dramatic growth, in relative terms, increasing by 15.1% (+26,000 tonnes). Cargo transport within Europe decreased by 1.1% to a total of 137,000 tonnes.

New cargo carriers and destinations

The number of unique full freighter destinations, exclusively serviced by cargo carriers, increased by 2 from 24 to 26. The new destinations are Zaragoza (Spain) and Caracas (Venezuela).

Of the 99 airlines operating scheduled flights at Schiphol, 19 focus exclusively on cargo transport. In addition, we have eight airlines operating both full freighters and passenger aircraft at Schiphol. In 2013 Schiphol also welcomed a new full freighter: Yangtze River Airlines from China.