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Management Agenda 2014

The Management Board has established ten management objectives for 2014. These objectives are directly linked to the five-year Strategic Plan 2013-2017 drawn up in 2012.

The Management Agenda 2014 focuses on the development of the Mainport, the implementation of the Master Plan and ongoing improvements in our relationships with stakeholders. There will also be a distinct focus on minimising operational disruption during the implementation of major investment projects, and on Corporate Responsibility. Within our organisation, we will focus on working smarter and on further improving our efficiency. We will increase the management focus on total cost of ownership, asset management optimisation and improvement of contract management within the group.

Management Agenda 2014

Top Connectivity

Visit Value

Competitive Marketplace

Sustainable Performance

Further develop the Mainport, in part by maintaining the focus on competitive airport charges

Ongoing implementation of the Master Plan including area A development

Maintain close relationships with stakeholders

Completion of major investment projects with minimum operational disruption and specific attention to Corporate Responsibility

Ensure sufficient liquidity and access to financing

Strengthen international activities and position

Achieve the Corporate Responsibility ambitions

Successful further implementation of Retail Vision 2020 and improved market position of Real Estate based on the 'Creating Preferred Locations' strategy

Focus on a 'lean' organisation and further efficiency improvements

Achieve compliance ambitions