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Strategic objectives for 2013 -2017

In order to realise sufficient progress and achieve results, clear targets for each strategic theme have been formulated for the 2013-2017 period. To provide direction, we have included Key Performance Indicators for each target in our planning process. In addition, every year we prepare a Tactical Plan covering the next three years, which also contains the budget for the subsequent year. In the Tactical Plan, which is based on realisation of the long-term strategic objectives, we strive to at least meet the return requirement determined by the Dutch State and currently set at 6.7% (Return on Equity) for Schiphol Group.

We also set a management agenda for each year, including concrete steps and focus areas. Those for 2014 can be found in the Management Agenda for 2014. The level of variable remuneration for the management of Schiphol Group is partly dependent on the successful implementation of this management agenda and the associated individual targets.

Top Connectivity
  1. Facilitate the hub, with a view to the continued development of a high-quality, distinctive and competitive network of intercontinental and European connections;
  2. Further improve an extended, reliable and accessible landside network of multi-modal connections.

Excellent Visit Value
  1. Continue to improve passenger travel comfort;
  2. Effect a competitive price-quality ratio for airlines;
  3. Offer high-quality and distinctive facilities that are tailored to meet passenger needs.

Competitive Marketplace
  1. Ensure an attractive business climate at the airport;
  2. Realise flexible logistics solutions for handling agents and forwarders;
  3. Offer an attractive, up-to-date portfolio of products and services.

Sustainable Performance
  1. Ensure a well-considered balance between people, planet and profit;
  2. Guarantee financially robust and efficient business operations to facilitate continued Mainport development and to generate value for all stakeholders;
  3. Continue the stakeholder dialogue within the Alders Platform and with parties from the Schiphol Regional Consultative Committee (CROS) in order to maintain local support.