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Kees van Ojik
Leader of the residents' delegation in the Alders Platform, has worked as a GP in Zwanenburg for 42 years

“I have very mixed feelings about Schiphol. On the one hand I feel admiration for one of the world's best airports, which is of tremendous importance to our national economy. On the other hand, since 1967 I've been dealing with the disadvantages that the airport brings to the local environment. Every night tens of thousands of people are lying awake, hundreds of thousands of local residents feel seriously disadvantaged and over a million people experience inconvenience in one way or another. Over the past seven years the government, local authorities, the aviation sector and local residents have joined in the Alders Platform to ensure that both sides of the Schiphol coin are recognised in covenants and decision-making on future expansion. I am quite convinced that all the participants genuinely want to use this process of trust, innovation and connection as a guide towards the future.”